Delta BV

General features of the product
  • Tank in glass fibre (fibreglass)
  • Hand-washing tank
  • Circuit-rinse tank
  • Pump 125 L in brass
  • Suction filter
  • Large mixer
  • Large output filter
  • Dual pressure valve
  • Fixed drawbar
  • Accessories control valves
  • Double lid
  • Galvanised steel frame
  • Mechanical brake axle
  • 2-way electric valves with control box
  • LED tail lights
  • Road certified
  • Wheels 10.075-15.3
Fan unit features
  • Dual turbine unit diam. 500
  • Centrifuge unit in galvanised steel with powder-coated finish
  • Centrifuge with expanding clutch
  • 2-speed reducer
  • 2 adjustable multispout diffusers in fibreglass
  • Built-in bumper
  • Low-volume nozzles
  • Distribution control valve with hand
Optional accessories available:
  • Larger wheels
  • Manual steering drawbar
  • Hydraulic steering drawbar
  • Electrostatic system
  • Falchieri patent
  • Jug rinse
  • Eco-friendly premixing basket
  • Litre counter
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Leaf springs

The electrostatic device is one of the most important innovations of the past few years to optimise spraying in the field, as it allows reducing drift and loss of product by up to 50%.
This technology can be used on our entire range of sprayers and mist blowers, both trailed and mounted.

Due to the electrostatic fields that form between the plants, which are good conductors, and the chemical cloud with electrostatic charge created by our machine’s distributors, the droplets, loaded with the active ingredients, are drawn to the plants, thus reducing drift even with wind.

Main advantages

- Reduced loss due to drift
- Even distribution over the leaf surface
- Increased work speed, as the product is drawn to the plants, even the higher parts.

Supply voltage From 10 V to 15 V
Maximum absorbed current 1A
Output voltage From 20 KV to 22 KV direct voltage
TYPE MOD.1000 MOD.1500 MOD.2000
Capacity (l) 1000 1500 2000
Weight Kg 650 750 850
Length 3850 4200 4450
Height 1250⇔1300 1300⇔1350 1350⇔1400
Width 1000⇔1350 1030⇔1350 1200⇔1400