Technical innovations

Technical innovations for 2017-2018

Remote control

Remote control for mist blowers

Deflectors for tendone and GDC vineyards

Vineyard deflectors for Sirio, Omega and Cometa axial models  

Bravo 300S Computer GPS

A technical innovation using the GPS sensor (mushroom antenna) installed on our mist blower to help detect the required feed rate  

Bravo 180S Computer

Bravo 180S Computer for trailed and mounted mist blowers  

Electrostatic system

Electrostatic system

Leaf brush for mist blowers

Motorised brush to clear leaves off the mist blower fan grill  

VISIO display

The Visio Arag display includes a variety of functions to display speed and operating pressure  

Falchieri patent

Description of the Falchieri patent, a system to apply controlled release pesticides, Falchieri patent registration, leaflet.